"We had a very good experience at Doc Savage's office. Staff is friendly
and run a very professional office. 
Most of all, always on time. Would highly recommend." (March 2018)-Marilou J. 







"We as a family are so happy with the time, care, and wisdom we have received here with Doc Savage.  It is so comforting to know your children are in good hands and that their best interests are being met; both medically, physically and emotionally.  Debbie, Linda and Robin have always been so kind, informative and helpful.  We thank you for making our son even more handsome, so much that we are continuing to be a part of your family with our girls!"      Mieke N. 


" How grateful and blessed we are to have met Doc Savage and his entire staff!  They took such good care of our daughter's smile. Brooke looks beautiful and loves her smile.  Doc Savage & his staff not only are gentle, but kind & encouraging with their patients. "         Lara T.                                               









" I am pleased to see the pretty smiles of both my girls, which are the result of the great work by you.  We were very pleased to see Grace's teeth progress thus we decided to start with Lauren.  But at the time we were having financial difficulties and you guys stepped in by giving us your understanding and guidance, which meant a lot and when we made our decision to start with her plan we were comfortable knowing where we stand and where we were heading.  And today we have already finished the main part of the road.  Thanks to all of you. "       Kathy Y.




   I am extremely grateful for Simran's beautiful smile.  The staff has been so great in adjusting braces and scheduling appointments.  I am so happy with the excellent customer service.   

(February 2018)-Satinder B. 



It's been a great experience being a part of the Doc Savage Orthodontic Team, with such great services provided for our daughters. As a mother, I feel so good knowing that they are in great hands with Doc Savage's care, and I feel confident in the work he does especially with my one daughter who has faced many challenges and future implants. And it's wonderful to come & enjoy a cup of coffee a & relax while I wait!

-(October 2017)-Robyn

Doc Savage and his team have been amazing. Both of my girls have had great results, one with braces, and the other with Invisalign. My youngest daughter was convinced her teeth weren't moving because she never had any pain after having her braces adjusted/tightened since her friends all said it was painful. Well, they did move...nice and straight. That's just how good they are.

-(October 2017)-Celia L.

Doc Savage and his team helped both of my daughters so when my dentist said my teeth were shifting I knew who to go to. I started Invisalign at the end of August and only 5 months later my teeth are perfect. Everyone is so accommodating with my schedule and helped me with an easy payment plan. I only settle for the best! Thanks team.

(Jan. 2017)-Holly S.

I couldn't be happier with the care my son has received as a part of the Doc Savage team. The entire office is professional, kind, and attentive. They have the highest of standards which has resulted in a perfect smile. Thank you for all you do and my third child is excited to begin her experience with Doc Savage.

Jan. 2017)-Alyx H.

My daughter and I are very pleased with the results achieved at Doc Savage's office. The entire staff is very kind, friendly and professional. Whenever we needed help or advice someone was always a phone call away. We would highly recommend Doc Savage Orthodontics to friends. My daughter now has a beautiful smile!

(Jan. 2017)-Karen S.

We couldn't have been happier with our experience at Doc Savage. Every appointment was prompt, all the staff is very friendly and professional, and the service provided was top notch. Thank you for everything.

(Dec. 2016)-Julie W.

Both of my kids had orthodontia from Doc Savage and we couldn't be happier! The treatment plan and results are far superior to other local orthodontic offices. The payment plan was workable, total cost was reasonable and the staff did a great job billing my insurance company. My kids never complained or experienced excessive pain. I'm so happy we chose Doc Savage. I'm a very proud Dad!

(Nov. 2016)-Mark K.

Olivia had so many issues with her teeth and I was so appreciative to have someone with Doc Savage's expertise to help her get the best results. It was such a nice, friendly atmosphere to visit and I have always been impressed with the cleanliness, competence and professionalism of the entire office. Thanks!

(October 2016)-Emily T.

I would like to thank Doc Savage Orthodontic Team for being very professional and kind, informing us every step of the way of what is going to happen and what to expect. Excellent service and always there to help even after hours. Special thanks to Robin for everything you did for my daughter, Nicole.

(November 2016)-Nazek S.

I was a little nervous after hearing that Doc Savage had left and there was a new orthodontist coming. However I came in and was very impressed with how professional everyone was. The new doctor is very good and is very nice. I'm so happy that Doc Savage made sure that we were all in good hands before he left!

Nour L.

I went to see doctor Lee last week. He is the best orthodontist I have ever worked with. I have had braces 3 times in my life, and Dr. Lee did a wonderful job, of making my smile beautiful. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family. His office staff are the sweetest gals ever. They make you feel very comfortable and welcome.

Heidi N.

I came in for a consultation for Invisalign. Doctor Luong was very friendly and he really seemed to care. The staff was so welcoming, caring and I didn't feel any type of pressure to decide on anything that day. And let me tell you about the fresh baked cookies! What a added bonus and so delicious!

Savannah R.

My experience at Hills Smile Lab was amazing. My teeth have changed so much thanks to Dr. Lee! Both Dr. Lee and Luong are very skillful in what they do. And the office! The office is modern and top of the line, especially with their technology being so advanced. I feel like I am in the future getting my teeth done here. The staff is friendly and makes you feel at home which I know isn't always a given. If you want the best results, come here! You won't regret it.

Mai L.